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Colorado to British Columbia

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A Road Trip North

By Lee France

For our big trip of the year we decided to make a road trip back home to Sandpoint, Idaho. We had just gotten engaged over the summer and it was a perfect way to scope out our wedding venue for next year, see friends and family, and just enjoy one of the best places on earth.

We drove north through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks then did a couple day stopover in Missoula to visit my sister Kylie. We packed our bikes with us for the trip and got in some excellent mountain biking around Missoula. We continued on to Sandpoint and spent the majority of the trip there visiting my parents, seeing friends, mountain biking, kayaking, everything a vacation should be.

We made a quick two day trip up to Rossland, BC to attempt to ride the famed Seven Summits trail. Unfortunately, wildfires had a good portion of the trail closed and the air was so thick with smoke a high alpine ascent didn't seem like a good idea. We got in a couple amazing rides close to town and vowed to come back again.

On the return trip we stopped in Missoula again and celebrated my 30th birthday at a Modest Mouse concert at Big Sky Brewery. An amazing night made more memorable by the ash falling into our beers from all the wildfires in the Northwest. We continued south, stopping in Bozeman to see my friend Joey then driving through the northern part of Yellowstone and across the Beartooth Highway. It was a memorable vacation and we both can't wait to move back to area in the near future. In the short term, we'll be doing it all again this winter only with skis and boards in place of mountain bikes.