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By Allison Betts

Our first adventure together began at an unassuming bar in Austin, TX. Strangebrew. One of my favorite places to sit with a gin and tonic and muse about life. Little did I know it would someday be the leaping off point for an adventure abroad and a love of a lifetime. Two months after talking consistently on the phone, Lee flew to Austin to meet me face to face. He arrived on Friday, we went canoeing on Saturday, and found ourselves at strange brew buying plane tickets to Europe on Sunday.
This adventure would mark the first time either of us had explored the European continent, not to mention the first time we'd spent more than 48 hours in a row together. It was the trip of a lifetime and a jumping off point for many more like it sure to come down the line. For more in depth details of the day-to-day and photos along the trip click the link below!